Friday, December 22, 2017

Secure Your Crypto Currencies First

Recently many people are suffering because of forgotten passwords or losing their 2FA (two factor) app like Google Auth. Or losing their phone or not having access to it. To secure the perimeter around your hard earned assets, you can take the following measures.

1.    Use LastPass ( on all your PC and Phone, create complex passwords, and apply them quickly and safely. 2.

2.    Use Authy instead of the terrible Google Auth. App. Authy supports cloud and multi-device sync on Windows, Android, iOs and Mac. So you can recover your account, even if you lose everything provided your remember its backup password. Scan the QR codes with Authy instead, wherever you see Google Auth. is required. Google Auth. is not 2FA, the one time token protocol is standardized, Authy and many other apps support that.

In Summary use LassPass and Authy on all your accounts, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Binance. Make sure you Backup your 2FA account recovery codes on alternate platforms. E.g. Google codes in LastPass notes or OneNote. Microsoft codes in Google Keep.

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