Friday, May 18, 2007

How to record VoIP calls in Windows

I came upon this step by step explanation on how to record calls from VoIP, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger, and Google Talk or any other VoIP applications one might use like any of the Betamax services like Low rate VoIP or VoipStunt.

From my initial research currently there is only one free solution (for now) that lets you easily record VoIP calls without any duration restrictions, that application is Solicall (

If you want to understand, why we have to do this then download this podcast:

Gear Media Tech 1: Mixer Basics

Systm - Episode 4 – Podcasting

Full credit goes to the guy who figured this out and here's his post:


I read a few instructions on the Net and experimented a little bit to figure out how you can record a Skype call in Windows without any fancy commercial plugins. The following instructions work fine for me when I'm using a headset (using loudspeakers would probably result in a feedback signal) - test it and feel free to write a comment if it works for you or not:

How to record Skype calls:

- download Audacity (open source audio editing software) from and install it

- start Skype

- in Skype go to tools->options->sound devices and switch 'let Skype adjust my sound device settings' off

- start Audacity

- set recording setting to 'wave out mix' or ‘What U Hear’

- set wave output to 0.1

- set recording volume to 0.9 or 1.0

- go to Windows volume control (double click the speaker symbol in the notification area of your task bar)

- volume control:
- volume control: 100%
- wave: 10%
- microphone NOT mute
- mic volume up to 5th mark

- recording control:
- microphone: mic boost off, volume 100%
- make sure 'wave out mix' or ‘What U Hear’ is selected and volume is 90% to 100%

- in Skype go to tools->options->sound devices->'make a test call to Skype answering machine'

- record your test call by pressing the record button in Audacity

- play back your recording and adjust audio settings if necessary

- remember to get your conversational partner's approval before recording a call


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