Friday, December 22, 2017

How to Buy Bitcoin from Pakistan or Anywhere?

These are some common questions asked in this space...

How do I buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?
How do I trade Alt. coins?
How do I sell Bitcoins or Crypto Currencies?
How much fees are involved?

I'll try to answer the above questions, directly...

How do I buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?
You can buy either through a fiat currency to crypto exchange, like CEX or directly by brokers listed on LocalBitcoins. By sending money via bank wire transfer.

How do I trade Alt. coins?

Usually the fiat exchanges don't carry an extensive list of alternate or alt. coins, this is where Binance comes in. Binance is a digital crytpo-only exchange, where you can not buy with USD or any for currency directly, what you can do is buy through CEX or Local Bitcoins (but watch out for scam brokers) and then send Bitcoin or Ethereum to Binance and trade them with dozens of alt. coins listed there. 

How do I sell Bitcoins or Crypto Currencies?

You follow the reverse process by trading your alt coins and sending to a fiat exchange, usually converting them to Dash, ETH or BTC. Then wire transfer the amount out to your bank account.

How much fees are involved?

Fiat Transfer Fees
Wire transfer (SWIFT) = Depends on bank, usually cheapest but slowest.
Credit card fees = 5% to 8% depending on the exchange. Usually costliest but fastest.

Crypto Transfer Fees
Bitcoin miners fees = high to low fees depending on speed required
Ethereum miners fees = Less than BTC, also high to low fees depending on speed required
DASH = Cheapest and faster than BTC.

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Binance Exchange - No Fiat pairs


BitStamp - USD Fiat pairs

CEX Exchange - USD Fiat pairs

Gemini - USA only

Local Bitcoins - Direct Sellers

Secure Your Crypto Currencies First

Recently many people are suffering because of forgotten passwords or losing their 2FA (two factor) app like Google Auth. Or losing their phone or not having access to it. To secure the perimeter around your hard earned assets, you can take the following measures.

1.    Use LastPass ( on all your PC and Phone, create complex passwords, and apply them quickly and safely. 2.

2.    Use Authy instead of the terrible Google Auth. App. Authy supports cloud and multi-device sync on Windows, Android, iOs and Mac. So you can recover your account, even if you lose everything provided your remember its backup password. Scan the QR codes with Authy instead, wherever you see Google Auth. is required. Google Auth. is not 2FA, the one time token protocol is standardized, Authy and many other apps support that.

In Summary use LassPass and Authy on all your accounts, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Binance. Make sure you Backup your 2FA account recovery codes on alternate platforms. E.g. Google codes in LastPass notes or OneNote. Microsoft codes in Google Keep.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Types of Equalizations

In my short experience, with audio and hifi, these are the Types of Equalizations I've noticed.

1. Source - Done at source mixing studio with dynamic range compression or other eq.
2. During encoding - If lossy encoding takes place. - Software equalization.
3. Soundcard DAC - Hardware equalization.
4. DSP - Hardware or software equalization. If you enabled it.
5. Amplifier - Hardware equalization.
6 Speakers - Hardware equalization.
7. Room - Hardware equalization.
8. Ear - Physical and biological equalization.
9. HRTF - Head related transfer function. - Crudely, how our brains listens.

From the above, the end user can tweak or modify the chain from 3-7.

All the best with your tweakings...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pentax K-30 - YouTube reviews and impressions

Pentax K-30. Photo taken with a Samsung Captivate Glide

Got myself a Pentax K-30 dslr with a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL weather resistant (wr) zoom lens. Romeo over at Salam Stores Wafi, Dubai was a big help and I got a pretty good deal, near US Amazon prices with a WR lens (happy face).

Still learning the ins and out. Since there is not much posted about Pentax. Here's a collection of reviews and impressions I found on YouTube. I made a playlist of some interesting ones I found. This should help people decide if they want to go for this awesome camera :D


Monday, October 10, 2011

FiiO E11 Portable Headphone Amplifier With Micca Accessory Pack - Review

Micca Distributor - 5/5
Seller shipped very promptly and I received the package a day before the start of the estimated delivery dates. 

Package was shipped via USPS in a bubble wrap soft package. I would've preferred a similar sized small hard cardboard box instead for better protection.

I really appreciate the 100mAh bigger extra battery and universal (battery) charger by Scud. It's very thoughtful, useful and economical at this price.

Scud Universal Charger SFC-519 - 4/5
The charger has a NEMA 1-15 electrical plug, if you're outside the United States, you might need an adapter for sockets. Build quality is above average and the charger can be technically used to charge batteries of various mAh types. The charger's apple logo lights up when a battery is connected and starts blinking rainbow colors while charging. 

SCUD SCL-1109 A 3.7V 900mAh (extra battery) - Battery BL-5B - 4/5 
It's too soon to comment on this battery's longevity. I haven't had any issues after a single charge.

KXD BL-5B 3.7V 800mAh (stock battery) - 4/5 
It's too soon to comment on this battery's longevity. I haven't had any issues after a single charge.

Fiio E11 - 4/5 
Built quality is very good, doesn't look or feel cheap. Having markers on the volume knob would really, currently there is no reference point and you could easily leave it on a higher volume and damage your ears or headphones.

This or any other headphone amp will make lower impedance headphones hiss, but thats physics and not a flaw with the device.

I use it with my Lenovo T410 laptop and acts like a hardware equalizer with my beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm headphones. It does add that extra quality I wanted, but not a huge improvement, that's also because the Lenovo T410 uses a Conextent audio chipset.

My listening preference is 'L' Gain and '1' Eq.

beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE - Mini-Review

I recently bought the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm headphones, and they're worth it. beyerdynamic being so well respected, I went for their DTX 101 iE Earphones, they look great, feel fantastic, no comfort issues. But In my opinion they sound terrible. My 15+ year old Aiwa Sound GT earphones sound better.

FYI they also hiss badly with my portable headphone amp (FiiO E11). These are low impedance headphones, so an amp is not required at all.

They sound dull, flat and lifeless.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Online shopping experiences

I recently got my first credit card and started shopping online, perhaps my experiences will encourage others to have a safe and fun shopping experience.

Being outside the United States, United Kingdom or Canada. There are few to none, quality shopping choices. Situation is worse in over-hyped Dubai, at least price wise, other side of the ugly coin is the UAE gets the worse spec'd products.

What's the alternative?
Well is the best option at the moment, they give you US, UK and a Chinese shipping address.

Do UAE retailers not care?
Most I think are complacently enjoying their eroding pseudo monopolies, thinking they control channels of distribution and price. That won't last long.

Others are greedy, like the big distributors in the region, I won't name names, because of the ridiculous liable laws in the UAE, which favor big business, employers and curb freedom of speech considerably.

What do I need?
1. Credit card.
2. PayPal (eBay owned), Amazon Payments, Google Checkout or a Moneybookers account.
3. US, UK or Chinese shipping addresses.
4. Amazon US or UK accounts.
5. eBay US or UK accounts.

Amazon Vs eBay - Where should I buy from and which is better?
I've personally bought from both without any big issues, apart for some delay at times. Amazon and eBay both have excellent reputations and consumer protection policies. They reverse transactions when things go wrong.

Amazon sells directly and marketplace style like eBay.

Amazon sells in three two ways:

a) Direct - Sold by and fulfilled (warehoused, packaged and shipped) by Amazon.
b) Market place - Sold by vendor and fulfilled (warehoused, packaged and shipped) by Amazon.
c) Market place - Sold by vendor and fulfilled by vendor.

eBay is a market place (But It Now) and auction model, however their buyer protection applies across their site. All the selling is done by vendors. Fulfillment may be done by Amazon at times.

Amazon has the better e-commerce platform, site and services in my opinion. However, you'll find good, reputed, trust worthy sellers on both Amazon and eBay.

1. Pay online with PayPal or Moneybookers if you buy from smaller or lesser known online stores. This way your credit card details aren't spread across (possibly on poorly secured servers) the web.

2. Check delivery addresses on shipments - Mistakes are made with tracking numbers or worse yet shipping addresses.

3. After spending some time playing with your goods (yes there are so many jokes here), provide detailed reviews of your experiences good or bad. How courteous was the seller? How was the packaging? Don't write a bad review about the seller if you subjectively don't like the product or it didn't fit your need. Unless it was broken or something. This is even more important if you buy obscure stuff - This encourages the good merchants and improves or weeds out the bad ones.

4. Get email alerts and filter them in you inbox. Keep the payment confirmations seperate and have different folders for Amazon, eBay or newegg etc. I use nested labels in Gmail to organize this.

Security tips
1. Make sure the padlock on your web browser indicates a secure connection via 'https'.

2. Keep your OS and browser updated with the latest security patches.

3. Avoid doing online transactions on public computers, smart phones, tablets etc.

4. Avoid public wifis for online transitions. Technically it's secure because of https, but if you can wait to get home, then wait.

Google Checkout vs PayPal vs. Amazon Payments: What's the best eCommerce option? -

How to Buy Bitcoin from Pakistan or Anywhere?

These are some common questions asked in this space... How do I buy Bitcoin or Ethereum? How do I trade Alt. coins? How do I sell Bitco...