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LG Flatron W2261VP short term review

Bought my first LCD monitor after my CRT died (Yes CRTs still rule!). Since I've been using it only a few days, here are my short term observations.

1. Very reasonable price for a 21.5" size, 16:9, 1920x1080 resolution HD LCD monitor. Sine it's such a high resolution monitor, would suggest adjusting for text clarity using ClearType tuner. To avoid eye strain.
2. D-SUB (Analog VGA), DVI-D, HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack.
3. The 'www' 'f Engine' preset is pretty good for text readers like me.
4. Matt screen surface. No silly reflections.

1. No 1:1 pixel mapping option. Really matters if you prefer running at lower resolutions, but don't want to scale.
2. No height adjustment. Not a big deal in my case.
3. Lack of on-screen soft keys (like Samsung monitors) makes the side buttons difficult to use. This gets very annoying.
4. Viewing angles are not good at all, but manageable.
5. No VESA mounting interface. Don't need that for the moment.

Odd quirk
The monitor switches off occasionally when I get calls on my Nokia E71 mobile phone, the phone was near its funky touch power button. The phone was set to GSM not UMTS (3G). Weird indeed...

1. LG Product Support for W2261VP-PF
2. Detailed Technical Review at
3. Buyer reviews at Amazon UK
4. Buyer reviews at Amazon Germany


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