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Yahoo! Mail Vs Gmail for Business Review

I’ve tried out both Yahoo! Mail and Gmail for business use for the past few weeks. I wanted to give Gmail a fair go, since I’ve been a Yahoo! Mail user since 1998. Long story short, I had to go back to Yahoo! Mail because…

1. Gmail checks external POP3 accounts by its own weird algorithm, to save on resources, this means external mails goes uncheked for up to an hour. Gmail’s POP3 mail check frequency can’t be easily manually controlled like Yahoo! Mail’s ‘check all accounts’ drop down with the Check Mail button. Unless you like looking at Gmail’s 'Accounts and Import' settings all day.

2. Gmail’s threaded view has its advantages, but it becomes a real pain if you keep saving that draft to look at an unrelated email, not in that thread. Again Yahoo! Mail’s tabs allow this.

3. Google can send emails after verification on behalf of other email addresses. However it’s got this very bad habit of adding ‘On behalf of’. Again Yahoo! Mail doesn’t.

I really wanted to stick with Gmail for the following reasons…

1. Encrypted sessions.

2. Canned responses, my workaround for multiple signatures.

3. Tags, although I prefer folders, but I can respect their productivity aspect.

4. Better compatibility with the Opera browser.

Suggestions for Gmail

1. Allow users a tabbed interface option as well.

2. Drop the ‘On behalf of...'.

3. Allow manual adjustment of POP3 mail polling frequency, or at least a more convenient mail check button, maybe a simple F5 or clicking on the logo.

Time will tell if Gmail will listen and offer us options or not…


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FiiO E11 Portable Headphone Amplifier With Micca Accessory Pack - Review

Micca Distributor - 5/5
Seller shipped very promptly and I received the package a day before the start of the estimated delivery dates. 

Package was shipped via USPS in a bubble wrap soft package. I would've preferred a similar sized small hard cardboard box instead for better protection.

I really appreciate the 100mAh bigger extra battery and universal (battery) charger by Scud. It's very thoughtful, useful and economical at this price.

Scud Universal Charger SFC-519 - 4/5
The charger has a NEMA 1-15 electrical plug, if you're outside the United States, you might need an adapter for sockets. Build quality is above average and the charger can be technically used to charge batteries of various mAh types. The charger's apple logo lights up when a battery is connected and starts blinking rainbow colors while charging. 

SCUD SCL-1109 A 3.7V 900mAh (extra battery) - Battery BL-5B - 4/5 
It's too soon to comment on this battery's longevity. I haven't had any issues afte…

Types of Equalizations

In my short experience, with audio and hifi, these are the Types of Equalizations I've noticed.

1. Source - Done at source mixing studio with dynamic range compression or other eq.
2. During encoding - If lossy encoding takes place. - Software equalization.
3. Soundcard DAC - Hardware equalization.
4. DSP - Hardware or software equalization. If you enabled it.
5. Amplifier - Hardware equalization.
6 Speakers - Hardware equalization.
7. Room - Hardware equalization.
8. Ear - Physical and biological equalization.
9. HRTF - Head related transfer function. - Crudely, how our brains listens.

From the above, the end user can tweak or modify the chain from 3-7.

All the best with your tweakings...

Pentax K-30 - YouTube reviews and impressions

Pentax K-30. Photo taken with a Samsung Captivate Glide
Got myself a Pentax K-30 dslr with a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL weather resistant (wr) zoom lens. Romeo over at Salam Stores Wafi, Dubai was a big help and I got a pretty good deal, near US Amazon prices with a WR lens (happy face).
Still learning the ins and out. Since there is not much posted about Pentax. Here's a collection of reviews and impressions I found on YouTube. I made a playlist of some interesting ones I found. This should help people decide if they want to go for this awesome camera :D


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