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Western Digital My Book Pro Edition II Review

Bought My Book ProEdition II drive - 1 Terabyte model, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


1. Sleek looking.
2. 1 Terabyte
3. Raid 0 or 1 (Performance or redundancy).
4. Hard Drives are user serviceable and can be cold swapped; Western Digital provides official instructions on that.
5. Three year limited warranty.
6. USB 2.0 (Burst mode), FireWire 400 / 800 (IEEE 1394a / IEEE 1394b).
7. Outer rubber edge helps stability and reduces vibration.


1. No format with FAT32 option with RAID0 or 1
2. No JBOD option – RAID 0 doubles your failure chances and RAID 1 reduces total space to just 500 GB.
3. No eSATA interface – For a drive this capacity it’s very important, if overall throughput matters.
4. Power supply external.
5. Noise – After testing connecting both FireWire 400 (I don’t have FW 800) and USB 2.0 simultaneously and individually I can confirm that connecting via FireWire switches the drive’s fans to mini hair dryer mode, very annoying indeed. I was copying data via USB 2.0 from both m…

Opera, Stop being so stubborn!

Opera is a very well designed browser and Internet suite but its still missing some little and big things, such as:

1. Downloads acceleration - Metalinks, segmented downloads whatever it takes, Opera should be really fast on all fronts.

2. Middle clicking ‘JavaScript links’ opens them in new tabs.

3. Progress bar for uploads - Eg: To X-Drive, Yahoo! Briefcase etc.

4. Extensions / Plugins.

5. SOCKS proxy support.

Last two are biggies but goodies, history seems to be repeating itself, for years Opera wasn't free, when it went free it got great press and lots of people converted, but now its about extensions or addons issue. People at Opera are either just too stubborn or just too scared to adopt extensions and release an API, as it might make opera less secure. Even if its just to shutup Firefox fanboys.